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Customer Testimonials (new 2/20/22) — 3 Comments

  1. Adding a Golden Retriever to your family is a wonderful time in your life and there are so many options, from sketchy backyard breeders to top-notch professionals, and everything in-between. Picking the right breeder can make a substantial impact on the quality of your experience and I can say unequivocally that Jeff is at the “top-notch professional” end of the spectrum. Communication was quick and clear and we regularly received pics and videos of the pups starting from the day they were born. He also shared updates about daily puppy life such as visits to the vet, getting microchipped or how they were doing with nursing and feeding. One thing that really stood out was how he took the time to learn about us as potential owners to ensure that our pup would have a great life at their “forever home”. He cares deeply for each puppy and it shows. 10 out of 10 rating from our family!!!

  2. One year ago, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Josie. She lived a long and happy golden retriever life swimming, hiking and going with us nearly every place we went, but our hearts were broken. Then we discovered Mountain View Farms with a beautiful golden (also named Josie) planning for puppies. We knew it was meant to be! Fast forward to today, we picked up our little Mylo last week and today submitted his AKC name in honor of our Josie, his mom and wonderful Mountain View Farms: Mountain View’s MY LOve of Josie. It’s bittersweet as we remember our Josie and little Mylo is bringing renewed joy into our lives.

    We couldn’t have asked for more from a breeder. Jeff provided regular updates every step of the way and pictures of the pups as they got ready for their forever homes. His love and care for the pups, the parents and the breed is so evident. We couldn’t be happier with our pup and we are so grateful for Jeff and Mountain View Farms! We’re looking forward to many happy years with Mylo!

  3. We were very impressed with the great care and communication we received from Jeff. From the start, we felt included in the process that led to to bringing home our sweet new puppy, Maizie. It was brilliant that he took the time to match the puppies, he knew so well, to the personalities and needs of each puppy family. We continually appreciate the benefit of our match. Kudos to you and your process, Jeff. The day we picked up Maizie, Jeff shared great information, took the time to answer our questions and said he was readily available to answer any future questions. By the time we left we felt like part of the greater puppy family he has developed at Mountain View Farms. If you are considering getting a puppy, we highly recommend contacting Jeff. His passion is breeding excellent Goldens and matching them with loving homes. He builds relationships with puppy families with the goal of making the transition as positive as possible.

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