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Customer Testimonials — 16 Comments

  1. Adding a Golden Retriever to your family is a wonderful time in your life and there are so many options, from sketchy backyard breeders to top-notch professionals, and everything in-between. Picking the right breeder can make a substantial impact on the quality of your experience and I can say unequivocally that Jeff is at the “top-notch professional” end of the spectrum. Communication was quick and clear and we regularly received pics and videos of the pups starting from the day they were born. He also shared updates about daily puppy life such as visits to the vet, getting microchipped or how they were doing with nursing and feeding. One thing that really stood out was how he took the time to learn about us as potential owners to ensure that our pup would have a great life at their “forever home”. He cares deeply for each puppy and it shows. 10 out of 10 rating from our family!!!

  2. One year ago, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Josie. She lived a long and happy golden retriever life swimming, hiking and going with us nearly every place we went, but our hearts were broken. Then we discovered Mountain View Farms with a beautiful golden (also named Josie) planning for puppies. We knew it was meant to be! Fast forward to today, we picked up our little Mylo last week and today submitted his AKC name in honor of our Josie, his mom and wonderful Mountain View Farms: Mountain View’s MY LOve of Josie. It’s bittersweet as we remember our Josie and little Mylo is bringing renewed joy into our lives.

    We couldn’t have asked for more from a breeder. Jeff provided regular updates every step of the way and pictures of the pups as they got ready for their forever homes. His love and care for the pups, the parents and the breed is so evident. We couldn’t be happier with our pup and we are so grateful for Jeff and Mountain View Farms! We’re looking forward to many happy years with Mylo!

  3. We were very impressed with the great care and communication we received from Jeff. From the start, we felt included in the process that led to to bringing home our sweet new puppy, Maizie. It was brilliant that he took the time to match the puppies, he knew so well, to the personalities and needs of each puppy family. We continually appreciate the benefit of our match. Kudos to you and your process, Jeff. The day we picked up Maizie, Jeff shared great information, took the time to answer our questions and said he was readily available to answer any future questions. By the time we left we felt like part of the greater puppy family he has developed at Mountain View Farms. If you are considering getting a puppy, we highly recommend contacting Jeff. His passion is breeding excellent Goldens and matching them with loving homes. He builds relationships with puppy families with the goal of making the transition as positive as possible.

  4. We were blessed with our boy Remington! The puppy we got from Jeff was more than I could have ever hoped for. Remington is so healthy and smart with so much personality he makes me happy every day. I cant say enough good about Mountain view farms!!!

  5. Deciding to add a golden retriever to our family was an easy decision, however finding a breeder that we could trust proved to be difficult. Once we came across Mountain View Farms, their dogs, and the breeder Jeff, it was an easy choice. Jeff made us feel comfortable and important in every step of the process. We constantly recieved updates, records, and pictures of our little girl from the moment she was born to the day we picked her up. In speaking with Jeff, you immediatley feel the love and pride he has in the dogs he owns and cares for. It makes you confident that the puppy you will soon get to take home will be nothing short of perfect. Our little girl Cali melted our hearts the minute we saw her. Her name is a little piece of my home in California, and her registered name is Mountain View’s Little Cali Girl because we are proud to have gotten this sweet angel from Jeff, Charlie and Woody (her parents), and the Mountain View crew! Thank you again for giving us our Cali girl!

  6. We had a golden 30 years ago when the kids were young and Rusty was the perfect family member. Fast forward to retirement and we were looking for that experience again. After checking many breeder websites something about Mountain View Farms stood out. Jeff made the entire process enjoyable. Beside the frequent updates about the litter he always gets back promptly about questions you may have. I thought Cooper would have big shoes to fill but hes exceeding all expectations. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful experience and most of all, for Cooper.

  7. Our family brought home our golden puppy this week after a few months of eagerly anticipating puppy day! Jeff’s exceptional communication and updates during the waiting period made us feel like we could experience our puppy’s newborn days and grow to know him even before he came home!
    Jeff’s love and care for his dogs and puppies was immediately evident upon meeting him, our puppy and our puppy’s parents! Our puppy, even only at 8 weeks, is calm confident and well socialized!
    We look forward to years of companionship with our golden retriever!

  8. Our family has been wanting a golden retriever for some time now, and when we came across Jeff and Mountain View Farms, we knew the time was right. We are so happy with the entire process of getting our puppy. Jeff kept us updated even before the puppies were born, and once they arrived, we got so many amazing updates and pictures…it made us feel like we were there and involved. It was heartwarming to see how well loved and cared for each of Jeff’s dogs and the puppies were. Before we brought our puppy home, we were provided with so many important details and information about our new little guy, we felt as prepared as we could be to bring him home. Now that we have our puppy home, it is obvious that Jeff is top-notch when it comes to goldens, because Mylo could not be any more perfect. Thank you again to Jeff and Mountain View Farms!

  9. When our family decided we wanted a golden retriever Mountain View farms was my first choice, but we were too late to reserve a pup from the last 2023 litter. By chance weeks later, by odd chance one of his pups returned to him and we were the right fit for Arthur. He’s just worked into our family instantly and we’ve been giving him so much love and care. Jeff was truly amazing in this process. He drove a distance to get the pup and then came to deliver him to us. He’s been so helpful, caring, and devoted to the puppies and that made us sure we wanted him to be the only one we work with to get goldens in the future. Top notch in knowledge, service and even friendship. Thank you, Jeff. As my son, says, these goldens change your life. ❤️🦮

  10. When it comes to our new/beautiful/fabulous Golden pup, Mountain View Farms, & Jeff – not sure even where to start, so perhaps we’ll just say this…WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Our new little girl, Sylvie, is EVERYTHING we had hoped for…loving, adorable, smart, healthy, playful, affectionate, & a quick study! Just an overall WONDERFUL dog & addition to our family!
    Sylvie is our 5th Golden Girl, & joins our current 8 year old Golden Girl. Sylvie has adjusted beautifully – to her new home/her new forever family, & our 5 very young grandchildren…she is fantastic with the kiddos! 
    None of this do we take for granted, as we know without a doubt she had the VERY BEST in & with Jeff & Mountain View Farms before coming to us at age 8 weeks…& of course her amazing parents, Penny & Hollywood! We can NOT sing Jeff’s praises often enough or loud enough…Jeff is an INCREDIBLY dedicated & compassionate & thorough & organized & knowledgeable breeder of his gorgeous Goldens – not to mention an AMAZING communicator with the expectant families; providing us step by step info on the entire process, including routine pics & videos!
    Sylvie could not have had a better start to her life than with Jeff & Mountain View Farms…& we are forever grateful! So much so, we can’t wait for Jeff’s next litter…as we would like to pursue a little sister for Sylvie! 
    Thank you, Jeff…you are SO good at what you do!!

  11. We have been blessed to have added a little Mountain View puppy to our family❤️From the time we filled out the Puppy Inquiry and heard back from Jeff, we knew we found the perfect match in a breeder. Communication from Jeff has been regular and detailed from the beginning. Throughout the process Jeff has been amazing with involving us and providing updates on the mamas pregnancy, sending videos and pictures of the litter, and informing on the puppies development and health.

    On our puppy Clifford’s “gotcha day,” Jeff was kind enough to bring us into his home and spent time going over many items related to caring for our puppy… and also told us everything he’s learned about Clifford in his first 8 weeks. Everything was very thoughtful, detailed, and organized. It’s so special to know our puppy was truly loved and cared for by Jeff. It is clear that Jeff cares for all of the pups and cares about the quality of this breed.

    This little puppy has been remarkable from the beginning. Clifford is obviously very intelligent, well mannered, well socialized, and gorgeous on top of that!! We could not be more impressed with Jeff and Mountain View Farms, and highly recommend them for anyone wanting to add a best friend to their life. We know right where to look if we ever want another golden in the future!

  12. Our first family dog is an adopted black lab, so we didn’t quite know what to expect when we decided to purchase from a breeder. We had heard of bad experiences from others who bought from a breeder that they found online. After reading the positive customer testimonials we decided to go with Mountain View Farms. Jeff and the crew exceeded all expectations! Jeff was extremely communicative throughout the process which further solidified our confidence in the decision. He made sure we knew everything we needed to at every step and sent plenty of pictures, which heightened our excitement for our new pup! When we arrived on the pickup day we could see and feel the love and pride that Jeff and his family had for their dogs!

    Our new family member is as advertised and more! He is beautiful, charismatic, loving, and extremely intelligent. Just a week and a half and he is already learning several commands and potty training so far has been a breeze, which is likely due to the work Jeff put in from birth to pickup. He and his brother are already almost inseparable and we cannot wait to see their relationship grow in our family. We love our little Murphy Blue!

  13. I put my deposit down for a Mountain View golden many months before Penny was expecting puppies. Jeff had excellent communication from the day I put my deposit down and gave multiple updates on Penny’s pregnancy. I also received many updates, pictures, and information once the puppies were born. We felt like we knew our puppy even before we met her from the pictures and videos that Jeff would send!

    We have had our little Lilly for two weeks now. From the day we took Lilly home, it was easy to see just how much time Jeff spent with these puppies. She is very well socialized and very easy to train. Just after two weeks, she is doing absolutely amazing with potty training, and also has learned many new tricks. Everyone she has met is very impressed with how well behaved and sweet she is. If anyone I know is looking to add a new golden puppy to their family, Mountain View will definitely be the place I recommend.

  14. If you are reading the testimonials and thinking about going with Mountain View Farms and Jeff- DO IT!! We found Mountain View Farms 6 months before we were able to get Arthur and I want to tell you, he has been worth the wait! Jeff has a passions for his goldens and it shows in what he has done with this liter. Jeff was very open to our questions and always was so quick to respond.
    The day we picked up Arthur we were welcomed into his home. Nothing to hide at all! Jeff went over everything about Arthur we needed to know. To be able to meet the mom and dad was also something special.
    We just had his first vet appointment and the vet and staff were so impressed by Arthur’s temperament. They said with the paperwork and what we were doing on Jeff’s advice, they said we found a good breeder!
    Arthur is so well adjusted. Some days we forget he is a puppy! Not scared of anything and so smart-too smart. He loves his big brother and is so fun!! We think he is growing fast every day!
    Thanks Jeff and family. We will always be part of the Mountain View Farms family!

    Arthur’s family……

  15. We’ve had nothing but excellent and transparent interactions with Jeff throughout the entire process. In doing our research, he stuck out as a very well informed and caring breeder, leading us to select him. We appreciated all the information that his experience was able to provide for us in order to be paired with the puppy that fit our needs, family, and lifestyle perfectly! Perfectly! It was such a relief to know that he would take what we were looking for in a pet, and pair us with the perfect match, and it has exceeded our expectations! Throughout the pregnancy and weaning process, we were thoroughly impressed with the updates and information that was continually provided. We also greatly appreciate it the ability to reach out and ask questions, get advice, and in general, the quick responses that we received! We will continue to and have already referred many people to Jeff and Mountain View Retrievers, due to their extraordinary service, and end results! We could not be happier with our little Sully!

  16. Jeff is absolutely amazing!! He truly cares for all his dogs,puppies and the families they go too. We had to wait a little longer for our pup Cedar. Jeff recognized she needed more time before going into the big world. Jeff took such wonderful care of her and we couldn’t be happier!! Truly grateful for everything he did! He kept us posted every step of the way. He is very informative and knowledgeable. He also sends frequent updates, photos and videos, which I loved!!! I felt like we were part of his family. It was so fun watching Cedar grow and play from birth until pick up. You can see Jeff spends a lot of time with his puppies and loves all of them. Cedar was well socialized,is easy to train,lovable,good temperament, ect. Everything you could want in a golden!! She was well worth the wait!! We are so lucky to have her part of our family!! He is by far in his own class of breeders!! I’m so happy we found Mountain View Farms!!

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